Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Faking News

"People will believe anything if you dress like a newsman(or woman) and have a microphone."

Isn't that a fact? 

The video above might be a prank, but it is not way off the mark in depiction of the way news channels 'create' news. I am not a fan of the electronic news media with their 24x7 dishing out of drivel. The overly serious (or constipated) face peering into the camera, the self-righteousness and the perversion of truth is all par for the course in the 24x7 world of news. I am amazed that there are people who actually hang onto every word these charlatans peddle as news and analysis.

I would urge people to see this brilliant film, Network, made in 1976. It gives you a feel of the way news is 'made'. It also picked up a quite a few Oscars for its stars and screenplay. Even if the movie does not open your eyes to the reality about news channels, you can go home satisfied at having seen a great film.