Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top 10 I wish I had written this

This is the fifth edition. As always, ‘I like them and my gut says so’ is the only criteria for the selection of the posts mentioned below. They are not in any order of priority. Hope you like them as much as I did. More importantly, I request you to continue to direct me to such awesome posts. 

The author rightly says that we need something inspire us away from the fight over smaller and smaller pieces of attention. That got my attention.

“The world will be what we make it”. Ditto.

 A spirited defence of Twitter against all those who dismiss it as a mere ‘babble’ and I agree wholeheartedly.

The logical fall-out of an increasingly ‘social’ world is crowdsourcing and design contests. Accept it.

10 simple must-read points that I have started to use with my geeky clients

With examples from ancient history to today’s networked world, this post reinforces the most obvious reason on why innovation happens

‘Social world’ will be as impactful as the invention of printing press. Goes beyond stating the obvious and explains what is to follow.

The post gives 10 directions for any information visualisation to aspire for. If followed it will be a boon...for readers!

 A wonderful advice on career (and life) that adds life to life that will help anyone.

The post raises serious issues about journalistic objectivity and ethics in this ‘social world’

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