Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why do clients (and some suits) hate the word creative?

Gapingvoid(Hugh Macleod) nails it on the head with the above cartoon.
He attributes the quote in the cartoon to Mark Earls, another great mind - 'I think it embarrasses the grown-ups: a lot of folk think business is some separate rational sphere of activity, in which maths, analytics and rational thinking prevail (whether it’s in customers’ or employees’ minds). "Creativity" makes things personal – makes you put your balls on the line. It cuts through the crap of “strategy” and all that pseudoscience that we hide behind.'
Hugh goes onto say - ‘To survive in the future, we're ALL going to have to get more creative- not just the boys in the black polo sweaters, but every last one of us, regardless of job title.’ 
It is indeed a very powerful and valid prediction, more so when it comes from an incredibly creative person like Hugh.
Meanwhile, I urge you to subscribe to his daily cartoons for your morning dose of awesomeness. It is one of my dreams to buy at least one of his cartoons. Er...let me figure out how to get the money for that first.

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  1. Isn't creativity all about original thinking? And do we have many of those around?:)