Saturday, December 27, 2008

3F & The New Agency Model

The 3F Principle

Failure, frustration and fortitude are what I call the 3F factors that seem to propel some people into coming up with newer agency models.

However, this was not always the case. People quit existing large agencies because they were unhappy and disgruntled at the state of affairs. They started their own agency which grew and made people unhappy and disgruntled at the state of affairs - the circle of agency life, if one can call that.

However, this is a brave new world with many Bravehearts.

Adrian Ho, in the inspiring presentation above, has narrated how failure made him launch Zeus Jones, a unique marketing service proposition for clients. Adrian, who was head of planning at Fallon Minnesota, an agency many people admire, is being very modest when he talks of his failure (if those are failures, then people like me do not deserve to exist!). However, one can understand what he is trying to express.

Closer home, frustration with existing large agency models led to two of my good friends - Ramesh and Anto - to come up with Hungry&Foolish.

In both instances, failure and frustration led to a positive outcome. However, it required enormous fortitude for the newer engagement model to see the light of day and hopefully succeed as time goes by.

I am not for a moment saying that existing models will not work or that they will be replaced. They will continue to exist and grow. However, Zeus Jones, Hungry&Foolish and hopefully many such disruptive agency models act as a much needed booster shot for the industry and clients alike. These newer rules of engagement will enable a much more holistic approach to the business of marketing communication or so I hope. While at it you can also take a look at what people say about Anomaly, a differentiated agency (link to their website) that I admire.

Amidst all this noise I had almost missed out the fourth and most important ‘f’, fortune.

And fortune, as they say, favours the brave!

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