Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making of a social anti-social

Social Media fascinates me. Having said that, this fascination was confined to extensive browsing and lapping up all that was happening in this world. I seldom ventured beyond a greeting or a ‘digital mumble’. Inertia and my naturally reticent nature prevented me from ‘opening up’. In short, I was an anti-social in a social world without the necessary etiquette to move forward. However, constant exposure to Social Media can be so infectious that even the most powerful of defenses can crumble. That is exactly what happened to me.

Groundswell, the book, catalyzed my interest in the potent mix of 2.0 world (or is it 3.0 now), brands and people. In addition, there are a lot many people who are my inspiration and who will be featured in these pages as I progress on this journey.

Eons ago, I entered the wonderful world of ‘dotcom’ when the bubble was about to burst. I learnt a lot and had a whale of a time. Now, I am entering the world of Social Media when the global economic crisis is now truly Global. I guess, my timing sucks.

I hope in a small way I am able to transmit my interest to readers and fuel great many debates. This union of free thoughts and action will probably help someone, somewhere understand how people, brands, agencies and communication are affected and also can derive benefit from the media called social media.


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