Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mobile - The 7th of Mass Media

Read more such astounding facts from Tomi Ahonen – a best selling author, consultant on digital convergence and mobile telecoms. He has termed mobile as the 7th of Mass Media – the other six being print, recordings, cinema, radio, TV and the internet.

Any talk of mobile phones cannot be without mentioning the iconic iPhone. There is a team of hackers spread across the world – called iPhone Dev Team - whose single-minded mission is to rip the iPhone apart to identify potential problems (or even innovations) and make it work for everyone. And they do this for free. This is destruction for creation. Learn all about this awesome team in this interview. And for more Apple related stuff, you can always go to ‘the unofficial Apple weblog’.

Out here in India we have a body that is also into destruction, minus the creation. We call it the Government.

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