Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top Ten I Wish I Had Written This

This is the third edition and is out on time (more or less). You can read the earlier editions of my Top Ten here and here. As always, ‘I like them and my gut says so’ is the only criteria for the selection of the posts mentioned below. They are not in any order of priority. I hope you like them as much as I did. More importantly, I request you to continue to direct me to such awesome posts.

“Marketing wasn’t about helping your company sell but helping people buy” says Greg basis an age old definition of Marketing. He raises very simple and pertinent points that will make you think. And hopefully act.

Sam Ismail captures the thought that is running in every agency person’s mind as regards what needs to be done to make the business attain great heights (bring back the glory days) A well thought out post calling for tough stance which might seem idealistic but may be the best solution yet.

Dave Trott writing about Bill Bernbach will automatically get featured in my Top Ten. The piece de resistance of the famous Avis case (We try harder) is the 6 point document agreed between Bill Bernbach and the client (Robert Townsend) of Avis. This should become the standard document between agencies and clients.

Great brand owners are creativists in that their ambitions went far beyond self-enrichment. Giving the example of an experiment in 'Experimental Philosophy’ Rory goes on to say that greed is not only bad for business, it is definitely bad for brands. Awesome and I agree completely.

Jeffrey is the Chief Creative Officer of skinnyCorp the owner of the most happening clothing brand threadless. When he says that titles might increasingly become less important in modern businesses you might want to take notice. Not only notice, read this post and hopefully his blog regularly.

In this post Bob Sutton presents a case on how a company prevented employee thefts and it is a great read. Bob Sutton is a professor of Management Science at Stanford University and the author of the famous ‘The No Asshole Rule’. He makes interesting point in an almost irreverent way.Lucky students!

“When you’re building products or services, there’s a nonlinear connection between input and output. You can put in just a little and still get out a spectacular lot.” This is from the corporate blog of 37 Signals and they should know. This post makes us revisit clich├ęs and debunks them.

I like this post as it kind of dovetails into Sam Ismail’s one linked above. He says (rants) that agencies (ad) need to have an entrepreneur spirit within and that it will go a long way in bringing dynamism back into the business.

He is crusty, irreverent and brutally frank (read his blog). This post is a tirade against ‘pop’ culture and how technology is making it easier for it to spread. Technology that he takes on includes the most talked about (or tweeted about) and how it is eroding the communication skills of the young.

A hilarious piece about one’s ‘exes’ (girlfriends). A sample “A big part of this trick is arriving at the point where you can truly, honestly and openly hope for the best for the person you've just left or, at an even higher level of difficulty, the person who just left you....... you're still mostly hoping that her new boyfriend gets cancer in his dick.” There are two wonderful short videos to go with the post.

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