Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Knowing where your client is coming from

Why is marketing increasingly resembling project management? Why are marketers more interested in ticking-off the boxes in their ‘to-do-list’ rather than exploring new ideas?
The above diagram gives the answer to these questions plaguing the minds of many agency folks and surprisingly marketers too. It clearly explains the complexity or challenges facing today’s marketers. Add softer issues like office politics and personal ambition to this and you get one insecure human being.
Not being in a position to handle this ‘kaleidoscope, marketers seek answers from their agencies. Agencies on their part do not want to admit their inability to provide solutions beyond their area of expertise. The outcome is almost always disastrous. This prompts them to lean heavily on consultants and researchers who almost always lead them up the garden path like this case of a great brand like Bud Light.
Alas, there are very few marketers (experts say less than 3%) who are adept at managing this kaleidoscope. The rest, sadly, are glorified project managers busy making life hell for others. Little wonder that the blog ‘Clients from hell’ draws a heavy traffic and a good laugh :-)

(Image courtesy: Bud Caddell)

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