Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How US Air Force blogs, twitters and flies high

I came across this interesting write-up about how US Air Force has taken up with a war-footing (pun unintended) to using social media. The Air Force Blog Assessment Tool, Counter-Blogging and the fact that they have a dedicated Emerging Technology Division should be an inspiration to lot of corporations. In fact, the author is as surprised (as us) by the fact that the Corporate world is reluctant and slower in adopting social media as compared to the US Air Force.

In this connection, Robin Brietman's (Interactive Insights Group) latest post has useful links to the Collaboration Project - National Academy of Public Administration of US - which has Case studies from Federal, State and Local government bodies. It is inspiring to say the least. It must also be mentioned that I find Interactive Insights Group blog to be an extremely useful resource at all times.

In this time of recession, Agencies and Social Media Experts should focus on Government projects. That is where the money is. In the case of India where there is a crisis at every corner, social media can actually help in creating a relatively cleaner and transparent government.

The fact that the Government itself is a source of most crisis might prevent this from happening.

(Image Courtesy: Fellowship of the Rich)


  1. I see that the last line of each of your posts is a gem by itself. Good Stuff.

  2. Thanks.It is a tough act to follow. But I figured it conveys the message much better that way.