Sunday, January 11, 2009

IBM Tree - A Cool Green Application

There is no better time (and place) to spread the message of ‘Save Trees’ than just when the print command is given. What I like about it is the simplicity and universal appeal of the idea.

I couldn’t help sharing this application made by my employer Ogilvy Bangalore for IBM.


  1. Hi we'd done a viral for Lenovo Thinkpad some months ago. It was not the greatest of productions and not popular on youtube. Then suddenly it started being mailed around. people were forwarding it like crazy. Lots of people began posting it on youtube and it became popular. it even helped Lenovo win a best communicator award. How d'you explain this stuff?

  2. If people find something useful and/or interesting, they will share it. It has nothing to do with production values. In the words of Faris, viral is something that happens and not something you do. You can check my post on viral,