Sunday, January 4, 2009

Social Media or Socialist Media

‘We’, ‘share’, ‘collaboration’, ‘collective’ are some of the terms used in connection with Social Media. These are also terms normally associated with Socialism. Does that make social media a socialist media or at least give it a socialist hue?

Some of my friends vehemently disagree that there is any connection between social media and ‘socialism’. I must also admit that they are big fans of Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and view the individualism (and capitalism) preached in it as gospel.

John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco and apparently a Republican supporter, is using Social Media (and not Socialist Media!) tools amongst other things to transform his company in this cover story. I have a healthy distrust of PR plants and I hope that this cover story is not one of them. The story, however, is very inspiring. I also like the bit wherein the journalist quizzes John Chambers – pulls his leg actually - about ‘bringing socialism’ in his company much to John Chambers’s irritation. That’s good fun. That apart Cisco’s moves are a lesson for other companies.

Coming back to the question as to whether it is Social Media or Socialist Media?

Social Media represents the free and natural spirit of humankind. Terms (or feelings) like ‘socialist’ or ‘capitalist’ are insignificant and have no place in social media whatsoever. Full stop.


  1. Some thots on why the two twains will never meet: