Sunday, May 3, 2009

The rise of the optimist

Media, economists and self-proclaimed experts seem to thrive on the volatile nature of the world economy by prophezising only a downhill trajectory. Pessimism seems to loom large across societies and conflicting statements plus actions from people in power (Government and Corporations) only seem to make it worse.

However, Newton’s third law has to kick-in sometime. It is time for pessimism to face an equal measure of optimism, if not more.

I came across this wonderful web compendium called ‘The Optimist Conspectus’, courtesy via Gavin (Servant of Chaos) The Optimist Conspectus was started by Ian Fitzpatrick with ‘no lofty world changing goal’ - I loved this honesty. It is ‘a compendium of contemporary optimism, one perspective at a time’. People from round the world have given their perspective on what they are optimistic about. They are gems. Sample this wonderful piece by Nishad Ramachandran.

“Coming from a nation that has more young people than old, more illiterates than literates, more needy than greedy you just got to believe that tomorrow will be better and that hope will ultimately triumph over gloom. Nishad is an advertising creative and father of two children aged 9 and 8.”

My perspective has been published. Why don’t you share your perspective too?

BTW, what is the height of optimism?

Hoping that the new government to assume power few weeks from now in the ‘world’s largest democracy’ will actually work for the welfare of the people!

(Image courtesy: john curley)

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