Monday, August 10, 2009

Top 10 I Wish I Had Written This

This is the fourth edition. You can read the earlier editions here, here and here.‘I like them and my gut says so’ is the only criteria for the selection of the posts mentioned below. They are not in any order of priority. Hope you like them as much as I did. More importantly, I request you to continue to direct me to such awesome posts. Not only I wish I had written this but also wish I could live like Iyer, Zen like. Awesome. Companies are not only discovering that social media is not ‘sexy’ and also that they have to do the ‘heavy lifting’ themselves. Unlike advertising, there are no shortcuts as bluntly told in this post.
The author has dissected all forms of relation between the client and agency and come up with the “un-agency”- a co-op of equal partners. It resonates well with what I am trying to do. No nonsense post about social media that led to a wonderful debate between the author and Joshua Michele Ross - In defense of social media (at least some of it) Read both the posts to get a well-rounded view. Hodgman describes Jockish vs Nerdish approach to issues, especially Middle East. He feels that dissemination of ideas with ‘nerd’ power is far more powerful than ‘jock’ power. Rob Campbell has understood Asians and our obsessions with ‘educational degree’ very well. It is an honest and thought provoking post about our biases. He questions whether behaviour can be quantified and how foolish we are to continue believing that way. He easily navigates between the corporate world and the world of advertising to make his point. Written on David Ogilvy’s tenth death anniversary, he talks about the two encounters with the great man. On both the occasions D.O’s only advice was ‘advertising is about selling’. Is anybody hearing? This is a ‘management game’ that is also a powerful tool to understand inter-personal relationships and dynamics. ‘The currency of an Enterprise is currency’ and therefore Susan urges all those who are keen on implementing 2.0 tools to have an ‘old fashioned or 1.0’ approach.

(Image courtesy:John Ong)


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