Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Tao of Fail

Avinash Kaushik (Analytics Evangelist at Google) in this video (courtesy: Daria) stresses the need for companies to fail faster on the web.  According to him, this enables them to rebound faster with a more successful option. And that it could aid even offline activities like TV, Print and so on. I couldn’t agree more. 

Offline world is plagued with failures. Experts say that most campaigns, product launches, start-ups and even movies bite the dust in no time. Dismal, isn’t it? 

While experts try and find a reason for all this, I decided to wear my philosopher’s hat and invoke Lao Tzu. The result is ‘The Tao of Fail’.

If campaign fails, something is lost. If product fails, something more is lost. If company fails, a lot is lost. If TV Remote fails, everything is lost.

If economy fails and the poor lose their jobs, it is only a correction. If economy fails and investment bankers (and CEO’s) lose their bonuses, it is a catastrophe.

When failing in a job, the wise man quietly adds recommendations to his LinkedIn profile.

Faced with imminent failure, a brave and foolish man merely smiles. Faced with imminent failure, an MBA passes the buck, turns approver and signs a multi-million dollar contract to tell his story.

Night is always followed by day. night again.

When all else fails, the wise one with a satisfied burp reaches for some more beer.


  1. That was the intention. Mission accomplished...and thanks for the visit