Sunday, January 31, 2010

Top 10 I wish I had written this

This is my seventh edition and by far the toughest in terms of eliminating some marvellous posts from the list. I chose the most scientific way to prune the list. I tossed a coin (many times over). The posts are not in any order of priority. 

Agencies have stopped taking risks and little wonder that most work sucks. A strong message conveyed beautifully in this post

‘Be authentic’ in the social space is questioned by the author as he says that this ‘forced authenticity’ is actually making people to be fakes. I concur

An obsession with pundits and punters that the author strongly advocates should be dropped in 2010. Made me think and smile

The author kicks our ass wants us to ‘wake the f*ck up’ from the mess of our own choosing. A different kind of self-help!

If we start listening to every suggestion (or threat) from a bean-counter, you can kiss your business (and ass) goodbye

A wonderful comparision using two subjects that I like most – Marketing and Physics

It is about making the most significant choice. Download, read it, save it and practice it

He has taken words from my mouth. This is what I wished to say every time a client said “let us draw lessons from the best practices”

A genius young mind’s thoughts on travel made me wish I could think like this

Disruptive technologies begin their life being dismissed as toys especially in the internet world

(Image courtesy: Jer Kunz)

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