Sunday, January 3, 2010

What matters is the music, not the box

The auditorium was filling up. The spotlight was on the piano majestically poised on stage. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation. The blokes next to me were discussing the piano on stage, a Yamaha. Their tone was deprecatory. They felt Steinway was superior. I couldn’t help but listen to them as they were clearly audible and oblivious to the fact that people sitting next to them were being disturbed.
Fortunately, the pianist began the recital. The audience were spellbound as the music was simply magical. The pianist ended the recital with a flourish. The audience rose in unison and gave him a standing ovation. The blokes next to me were as enthusiastic as rest of the audience in cheering. I guess, the pianist settled any doubt amongst them conclusively.
It is not about Yamaha or Steinway. It is only music that matters.
People in the business of brands and creative communication (probably in the corporate cesspool too) know that very often the work we do is one big lie. Superficiality rules with the job of ‘sexing up the box’ keeping us busy while being fully aware that the music sucks. When I saw substance being rewarded (for a change) in the form of the audience’s reaction to the piano recital, it made me happy. Nothing beats this experience and therefore I couldn’t help sharing it with you.
The gentleman below, had he been alive, might be in agreement. His MTV Unplugged show was proof of this fact.

(Image courtesy: Pianist – zetson, Kurt Cobain)


  1. Thanks Charles and welcome Eaon. I look forward to seeing you more often

  2. cheers. my first time here. good work fella.

  3. Thanks for those kind words, Eaon